MITROVICA – In a significant move against unauthorized constructions, the Municipality of Mitrovica in Kosovo has halted the construction of over 60 buildings, both high-rise and low-rise, in the past two years due to the absence of proper permits. This makes Mitrovica the leading municipality in the country in terms of curbing illegal construction.

According to Kosovo’s leading daily newspaper Koha Ditore, the Director of the Inspectorate in Mitrovica, Valon Brahimi, announced these numbers in late September, emphasizing the municipality’s commitment to upholding construction standards and regulations. “I can say with great accountability that in the city of Mitrovica and the surrounding neighborhoods there is no construction that is being carried out without a permit,” Brahimi stated. The Director of the Inspectorate conceded that there might be isolated cases of unauthorized constructions in remote villages, but was adamant that the city of Mitrovica and its immediate surroundings have seen a strict adherence to construction regulations.

Brahimi’s comments also addressed the challenges posed by certain businessmen attempting to bypass the system. “We are simply not blackmailable, invincible to the law. We are not afraid of anyone except the law, and we will continue our work only on the basis of the law and in the general function of the interest of citizens,” he remarked.

Despite the progress, Brahimi acknowledged the need for more inspectors to manage the vast array of issues in the city. Currently, the Inspectorate has 17 inspectors, with plans to increase this number to 27 by next year.

This crackdown reflects a broader effort in Kosovo to modernize and regulate its urban landscapes, ensuring safer and more organized urban development for its residents.


Image source: Agron Bequiri / Wikimedia

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