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At the Southeast European Observer, we offer a range of advertising opportunities that allow businesses to reach our diverse and engaged audience. We are committed to maintaining the integrity and transparency of our platform, ensuring that advertisements do not influence our editorial content and adhere to high ethical standards.

Ad Placement and Types

  1. Banner Ads:
    • Top Page Banner Ads: Displayed across the entire website – $1000 per month.
    • Sidebar Square Banner Ads: Site-wide placement – $600 per month.
    • Category Banner or Inline Article Ads: Displayed on category pages and posts – $400 per month, per category.
  2. Limitations:
    • Advertisers may advertise in up to 3 categories or have up to 3 ads on our website simultaneously.
    • We do not offer site-wide category ads for all categories at once, nor for the entire website at once.

Advertising Policy

Content Restrictions

  1. No Political Advertisements:
    • We do not accept any form of political advertisements. Advertisers must legally declare that their advertisements are non-political.
  2. No Job Postings:
    • Advertisements depicting employment opportunities are not accepted.
  3. Prohibited Products and Services:
    • Advertisements for weapons, alcohol, gambling, pharmaceuticals, or illicit substances, products, and services are not allowed.
  4. Compliance with Standards:
    • Our advertising standards and terms align with those of Google Ads, ensuring a consistent and ethical advertising environment.

Legal Compliance

Advertisers must adhere to the advertising laws of their country and the United States. They must provide a legal declaration affirming the non-political nature of their advertisements and ensuring they do not depict employment advertising. Any violation of these terms will result in the immediate removal of the advertisements and potential legal action.


For more information about our advertising opportunities and policies, please contact our advertising team at

By choosing to advertise with the Southeast European Observer, you agree to abide by the above terms and conditions, ensuring a respectful and ethical advertising experience for all parties involved.

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We ensure that the presence of Amazon affiliate ads does not influence our editorial content, and no affiliate links are included within the text of our articles.