PRISTINA — Tensions flared outside the European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) headquarters in Fushë-Kosovo on September 15, as veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) staged a protest against recent raids and confiscations by the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office. The protesters, representing the Organization of Veterans of the KLA, expressed their discontent by throwing dozens of phones into the EULEX premises.

According to Kosovo news website, the group of veterans criticized the unannounced raids, especially those conducted without the presence of the Kosovo Police, claiming they disturb the families of fallen soldiers and their comrades. Faton Klinaku, acting chairman of the KLA veterans’ organization, likened the actions to those of an oppressive regime and called on state institutions to intervene.

The protesters, donning KLA flags and uniforms, demanded an end to these raids. Veteran Agron Kajtazi warned of larger protests if the actions continue, while Afrim Sogojeva, a former army member, expressed his dismay at the perceived violations of their rights.

Dardan Molliqaj, former member of the Kosovo Assembly and chairman of the PSD, joined the protest, labeling the Special’s actions as illegal and emphasizing that the KLA, not crimes in Kosovo, seemed to be the primary focus.

Recent actions by EULEX, under the directive of the Specialized Chambers, have included the confiscation of personal phones from former KLA members and raids on their homes. While no arrests have been made, there’s growing speculation about a new wave of investigations, potentially targeting obstruction of justice.

The protest, closely monitored by police drones and Italian KFOR carabinieri, underscores the lingering tensions in Kosovo over the role of international institutions and the legacy of the KLA.


Image source: Agron Beqiri / Wikimedia

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