PODGORICA – A startling discovery was made in Montenegro’s capital in early September, when a tunnel was found connecting an apartment to the depot of the High Court. According to reports from multiple news outlets throughout the region, the tunnel led into the evidence room in the building of the High Court and its purpose remains a mystery.

Podgorica-based Vijesti Online reports that, at a press conference held in Podgorica on the day of the unusual discovery, President of the High Court Boris Savić claimed that “virtually nothing” was missing.

“It is true that there were traces of other individuals in the evidence room of that Court. The police were informed immediately, which after completing investigation [of the crime scene] came to the same conclusion. An inventory check was conducted, which lasted into the early hours of the morning. It was concluded that virtually nothing is missing,” Savić stated.

According to Bosnian daily Dnevni Avaz, caretaker Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, after visiting the site with key officials, stated that the construction of such a tunnel would likely have required assistance from someone within the court.

Investigators are exploring multiple potential motives for the tunnel, including evidence theft, aiding a prisoner’s escape, or even facilitating a murder. The apartment, located on Njegoševa Street across the street from the High Court, had been rented for two months prior to the discovery. Authorities currently believe the property’s original owner is not involved in the incident. Further details are expected to emerge in the coming days, as noted by outgoing Interior Minister Filip Adžić.

Source/s: Vijesti Online / Dnevni Avaz

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, author unknown

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