TIRANA – Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama proudly emphasized Albania’s commitment to minority rights during the “Population and Housing Census 2023” conference held in Tirana. According to state-owned Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA), the PM asserted that Albania boasts the most advanced European legislation concerning minority rights.

Rama expressed his pride in Albania’s achievements, noting, “I am proud of the way Albania has integrated them and how all minorities are treated in Albania, without any exception and without any discrimination. If there are problems for someone or some in another ethnic community, they are the same problems as in ethnic Albanian communities. There is nothing different. There is not a single minority who can stand up and say that I have a problem related to the fact that I am of a different ethnicity. And this problem cannot be found in anyone with Albanian nationality, it does not exist.”

He further highlighted the nation’s egalitarian approach, stating that any challenges faced by ethnic communities in Albania are universal and not tied to ethnicity.

Source/s: ATA

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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