Historical Public Bath in Sofia Damaged by Fire

One of Sofia’s historical public baths was almost entirely consumed by fire on September 6, Bulgarian news site Vesti.bg reports.

The now abandoned bath house Mladost in downtown is one of many public mineral baths [en] throughout the city and is considered a cultural monument. Mladost was erected in 1944 and was designed by Bulgarian architect Georgij Ovcarov. Since 1989, the matter of ownership of the building has been in questions and the baths were shuttered in 2000 and the property has been practically abandoned since.

Authorities say that the fire started due to “old materials” and that major damage to the building was avoided thanks to the fast response of the city’s fire department. What will happen to the monument in the future remains to be seen. Until the question of ownership is settled, the building is not expected to be repaired.


Feature image source credit: Screengrab of Nova TV report


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