Municipal Referendum in Macedonia Fails Due to ‘Half of Local Population Being Abroad’

Source: META
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A local referendum regarding the opening of gold mine Ilovitsa in Novo Selo municipality in Macedonia failed on Sunday, due to the requirement of 50% plus one voters casting their ballot in the referendum not having been met.

The reason for the low turnout, according to media in the country, is that almost half of the municipality’s residents are currently abroad and were not able to vote. According to the last 2002 national census, Novo Selo municipality has a population of 11,567 inhabitants.

Macedonian Television 24 reported that a vast majority of those who did vote, voted against the opening of the gold mine, citing fears that the mine would destroy farming in the area, the primary income source of most of the population in the area.

Feature image source credit: pepsi [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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