U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State: Bulgarian-Macedonian Friendship Treaty Important for Region

United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Brian Yee met with Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva at the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia on September 5.

During the Forum, Bulgarian and Macedonian officials signed a Bulgarian-Macedonian Friendship Treaty, as the two countries intend to further their collaboration and relations.

Macedonian Meta.mk news agency reports that Zaharieva pointed out at the meeting that one of the biggest benefits of the agreement is that it was made without foreign assistance and that she believed both parties demonstrated that they can solve their issues without intermediaries or mediators.

Yee expressed that the treaty between Bulgaria and Macedonia is important for the whole region and that he hopes that the treaty will create a healthy atmosphere in which Macedonia could also improve its relations with other neighbors.

According to Focus Information Agency, the two diplomats also discussed current political matters in the region, Bulgaria’s foreign policy initiatives, and energy diversification efforts in the Balkans.

Feature image source credit: Meta.mk news agency


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