Serbian and Vietnamese Foreign Ministers Pledge Economic Cooperation and Mutual Support

Serbian and Vietnamese deputy prime ministers and foreign ministers Ivica Dačić and Pham Binh Minh met in Hanoi on Friday to discuss a plan for expanding bilateral relations and mutual support on an international level.

At a press conference after the meeting, as reported by Serbian news site [en], the two officials pointed out that 2017 marks 60 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries and that already friendly relations should be improved. Despite the countries’ good relations, this was the first visit by a high ranking official from Serbia to Vietnam since 1989.

Dačić and Minh meet with their teams at Vietnamese MFA in Hanoi.

Serbia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called the meeting “an extensive cordial and friendly conversation” in a statement, adding that “the officials jointly recognized the need to promote very good and friendly relations between the two states through the strengthening of economic cooperation and an intensified exchange of high- and top-level visits.”

Dačić and Mihn have agreed on building a concrete framework in order to boost economic, trade, and investment collaboration. The specific framework is expected to facilitate and promote penetration of key exports of both countries to the other, abolish visas between the two countries, as well as close coordination in supporting each other in international institutions.

Mihn also announced that Vietnam will support Serbia’s position in not recognizing Kosovo as an independent state, while his Serbian counterpart pledged to support Vietnam in international forums.

Feature image source credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, September 2017


Slavica Mijovic

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