Newly Appointed Croatian Ambassador to the U.S. Presents Credentials

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Newly appointed Croatian Ambassador Pjer Šimunović presented his credentials to U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. on Friday, in a  White House credential ceremony that Croatian news site claims came faster and was longer than usual.

Just days after arriving in Washington D.C., Croatia’s Ambassador to the United States met with the U.S. President to present his credentials and begin his term. A source tells that the meeting lasted half an hour and that the U.S. President was interested in hearing Croatia’s official stances, as a member of NATO, regarding other countries in the region.

Šimunović holds a Master’s degree from the department of War Studies from at King’s College in London and is a career diplomat who has previously served as Croatia’s Ambassador to Israel.

Feature image source credit: Embassy of Croatia in Washington D.C., September 2017 


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