Former Macedonian PM Gruevski Requests Confiscated Passport be Returned for Planned Visit to Visit Viktor Orban

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Former Macedonian President and leader of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski had his passport confiscated recently, as part of a condition to be released from detention during an investigation into the so-called Titanic case. Gruevski is currently the prime suspect in the case.

On Monday, Gruevski’s lawyers appeared at a public session of the Court of Appeals to request the return of his passport, as well as the termination of the obligation that Gruevski appear in front of the court once a week.

Gruevski’s legal team claimed that not only his rights as an individual were being violated, but also the rights of his political party members and voters, saying that his travel limitations were obstructing his work as head of the main opposition party in the country. Gruevski was not present at the public session in the Court of Appeals today.

Dimitar Dangov, Gruevski’s defense attorney, pointed out that Gruevski needs a passport to carry out his political activities, some of which are in foreign countries. As evidence of this claim, Dangov and his colleagues submitted to the court an written invitation to Gruevski from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

UPDATE, October 31, 2017: Judge Liljana Ivanovska-Sopova of the Court of appeals confirmed for Macedonian Television 24 on Tuesday that the three-member Council of Judges of that court had that ruled on the appeal. The request to return Gruevski’s confiscated passport has been turned down by the Court of Appeals.

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