Bosnia-Herzegovina’s House of Representatives Signs Declaration to Halt Construction of Croatian Bridge Over Adriatic

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A new international law suit may be on the horizon after one of the the two houses of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Parliament voted on Wednesday to stop construction of the new Pelješac bridge, pending a decision regarding its sea border with Croatia.

The bridge has been planned and is being constructed by Croatia and aims to connect Croatia’s mainland with Dubrovnik–Neretva county in the southern part of the country, while avoiding crossing Bosnia-Herzegovina at the Neum Corridor. The bridge would cross a part of the Adriatic Sea.

A non-binding declaration was signed on September 13 by 27 out of 39 members of the House of Representatives of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Parliament, at the proposal of the Bosnian Democratic Action Party (SDA). According to Croatian news site, the declaration asks that both Croatia and the EU “without delay, halt all work” that could bring into question Bosnia-Herzegovina’s sovereign rights in the Adriatic Sea.

The declaration, on its own, doesn’t carry much weight for now. For the intent mentioned within to be Bosnia-Herzegovina’s legal and official stance, the declaration would have to be signed by both houses of the country’s Parliament. Whether or not that is planned for the near future is unclear, but the declaration may be an indicator of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s intentions.

Feature Image source credit: Andrzej Harassek [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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