Albanian and Macedonian Prime Ministers Meet in Trieste to Discuss Inter-Ethnic Relations

Source: META
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Albanian and Macedonian prime ministers Edi Rama and Zoran Zaev met in Trieste on Tuesday, to talk about the strengthening relations and cooperation between the two countries. The two also discussed how to improve inter-ethnic relations between Albanians and Macedonians in Macedonia, through new legislature.

According to Macedonian news agency, both statesmen took to social media to comment the meeting. On Twitter, Zaev said, “We share a common vision for the Euro-Atlantic future of the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Albania.”

Similarly, Rama’s official Facebook page published a post saying, “In Trieste, with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, we spoke about strengthening the friendship and deepening of the overall cooperation between our two countries. A new page in the mutual relations between our two countries, as promised by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, should be written with concrete solutions for all Albanians living in our neighboring country.”

Rama and Zaev were joined in the meeting by the FA Ministers of Macedonia and Albania, Nikola Dimitrov and Ditmir Bushati, as well as Dane Taneski, Advisor to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

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