Two Women Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Serbian President and Former Minister on Social Media

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Two women were arrested on Friday in Kruševac, Serbia, for allegedly posting threats on Facebook directed at Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić and former Minister of Defense Bratislav Gašić, now Director of Serbia’s Security Intelligence Agency (BIA).

CNN regional affiliate N1 reported Friday evening that the two women, a mother (40) and daughter (22) from the village of Jasika near Kruševac, have been taken into police custody on a warrant issued by the Kruševac public prosecutor and the Prosecutor for High-Tech Crime in Belgrade, and are being held in Kruševac.

According to local television RTV Kruševac, the two are under suspicion of committing the felonies of endangering security, under article 138 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia, as well as stalking, under article 138a of the same code. The two are also charged with resisting arrest.

Although this has become a hot topic on social media, no further details of the arrest, the alleged threats or the mother-daughter pair are known at this time.




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