Bulgarian Socialist Party Accuses Company Under Ministry of Defense of Illegal Arms Trade

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Bulgarian MP and member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Atanas Zafirov made claims today regarding the bankruptcy process of MOBA, a state-owned limited liability company under the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense, saying that the company’s management was selling weapons as part of the company’s assets, without the proper arms trade licenses.

MOBA is the only state-owned company registered under the Bulgarian Private Security Act and is responsible for certain contracts for the Ministry of Defense.

According to Bulgarian news site Dnevnik.bg, the BSP claims to have documents related to an auction that may have been held in violation of several laws and that some 800 firearms, 60,000 ammunition cartridges, and a number of binoculars were sold at the auction, and below market value. Representatives of the political party also claim that this auction is a precedent that could open the doors for a similar sale of 100 tanks.

In his statement, MP Zafirov also raised questions regarding accountability in the Ministry of Defense regarding MOBA, current defense contracts under the company, its employees, and its future.


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