At Least Five Dead, 30 Injured in Violent Storm in Western Romania

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A harsh thunderstorm tore through western Romania on Sunday afternoon, resulting in at least five deaths in the area and leaving dozens injured.

According to local media, a mother (70) and daughter (50) dies in Buziaș, Romania, while another two individuals lost their lives in Timișoara, as did a tourist in Arad.

At least 30 others were injured by the storm, which produced winds as strong as 100 kilometers per hour. A spokesperson for Caras-Severin County emergency services said that the storm ripped trees out of the ground and downed power lines in the area, leaving many homes without power.

Officials have warned locals not to leave their homes and to unplug and avoid using any electrical appliances.

Slavica Mijovic

Slavica is Managing Editor of The SEE Observer. She began her career as a radio journalist in the 1980s. Slavica has a degree in Slavic languages and a PhD in parenting as a mother of four. Follow her on Twitter as @mlekce.

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