Montenegro Unable to Issue Temporary Work Permits to Foreign Medical Doctors

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Due to a bureaucratic glitch that seems to be caused by a politically-influenced backstory, the state Medical Board of Montenegro has been obstructed from making any official decisions since February 2017, including issuing temporary medical licenses to visiting physicians and surgeons.

Montenegrin news site reports that hundreds of foreign medical doctors have de facto been practicing medicine and even performing surgeries without a license in Montenegro.

Dr Aleksandar Mugoša was elected to the position of President of the Medical Board at the beginning of the year, but Montenegro’s Ministry of Health has refused to confirm Mugoša’s appointment to head the institution, effectively rendering the Medical Board incapable of issuing temporary licences to foreign medical staff, among other things.

The Medical Board filed a suit with the Constitutional Court of Montenegro regarding Mugoša’s confirmation in February, but the Court has failed to issue a decision since.

Dr Mugoša spoke to about the matter of licensing, saying, “The work of the Medical Board has been blocked for eight months. A large number of doctors in Montenegro are practicing without a licence, who haven’t been verified and don’t possess licenses. The Law on Healthcare is being violenty breached by this, while our state and its citizens are being exposed to enormous potential danger.”

Temporary licenses for visiting doctors in Montenegro are usually issues based on the doctors’ existing licenses and degrees from other countries and for up to one year. Medical doctors who are residents of Montenegro are issued licenses annually and the renewal period for most of those runs out at the end of this year.


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