Conditions in Macedonia’s Leading Obstetrics Clinic Devastating, 127 Newborns Dead in 2017

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A recent inspection of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of the Mother Teresa Clinical Center in Skopje revealed that conditions in the clinic are nothing short of devastating.

The inspection was carried out after four newborns died in one night at the clinic, one of Macedonia’s largest neonatal care facilities, and at the request of the clinic’s director Viktorija Jovanovksa. Jovanovska told media that the clinic was not only severely understaffed but also that the ventilation and thermoregulatory systems in several areas of the clinic were not functioning – and that it has been this way for years.

The inspection revealed frightening issues that the clinic deals with on a day-to-day basis, from a leak in the roof, a damp basement, unclean sheets, lack of running water, old or faulty equipment – including incubators which sometimes have to be shared by two newborns at a time – to a severe lack in staff across the board and funding.

The clinic has seen one of the highest mortality rates yet, with 127 dead newborns at the clinic in 2017 alone. Jovanovksa stated that the state of departments other than the neonatology intensive care unit were not “too alarming”, but indicated that this particular unit was the major risk factor and can barely function in its current state.

The Mother Teresa Clinical Center is the largest clinical complex in Macedonia and the country’s Health Minister Nikola Todorov announced a complete reconstruction of the complex in 2016.

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