Bulgarian Agriculture Ministry: Farms Were Not Tested for Fipronil Because Use of the Substance is Prohibited

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Bulgaria is just one of the dozens of countries in Europe affected by the great egg scandal of 2017, in which millions of Fipronil-contaminated eggs were discovered in supermarkets and farms in EU countries.

According to Bulgarian news site Dnevnik.bg, Bulgaria’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Rumen Porozhanov appeared on a television show Wednesday morning to speak about the matter and said that eggs and related products in the country “had not been previously tested for Fipronil because its use is prohibited.”

While reasons for not testing for a specifically prohibited and potentially harmful substance in food manufacturing aren’t quite clear from his statements, the Minister also took the opportunity to assure the public that, after knowledge of the use of Fipronil in food manufacturing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands emerged, Bulgaria would indeed continue testing for presence of the toxin in Bulgarian food manufacturing facilities and farms.

EU authorities confirmed in August that Fipronil-contaminated eggs had been discovered in several European countries and acted quickly to remove them from supermarkets and warehouses, shutting down over 200 egg-producing farms in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France in the process. The European Commission is set to hold a special meeting with health ministers and regulators on September 26 regarding the ongoing scandal and food safety measures involved.

Feature image source credit: Plamen Agov [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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