Oil Spill Off Greek Coast Will Take Months to Clear

Source: META
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After an oil tanker carrying some 2,500 metric tons of oil sank off the coast of Salamis Island on Sunday, authorities say the resulting oil spill may take as long as four months to clean, if not longer.

Emergency teams in Greece are struggling to prevent the spreading of the spill, which currently stretches more than a kilometer and a half in the waters near Athens. The Greek Coast Guard said that the entire southeast bay is threatened and Greece may be dealing with an ecological disaster.

It is not yet clear what caused the tanker to sink on Sunday, as weather conditions were normal. The captain and chief engineer of the vessel have been charged with negligence and have been released pending a trial.

The Coast Guard says that barriers have been installed to prevent further spilling and truck cisterns were being used to collect the spillage. Despite efforts, much of the oil spillage has washed up on Salamina beach. The Coast Guard and emergency teams are working around the clock to prevent further damage and salvage the coast.

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