Macedonia’s FA Minister in London: “Those on the inside tend to forget how cold it is on the outside”

Macedonia Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Dimitrov appeared on Sky News for a short interview, to speak about the Western Balkans’ country EU accession plans. When asked for his thoughts on Brexit as his country was aspiring to EU membership, Minister Dimitrov proptly responded by saying, “Those on the inside tend to forget how cold it is on the outside.”

Dimitrov is in London this week to meet with British Foreign Minister Sir Alan Duncan and representatives of the Labour Party. Minister Dimitrov added that he is in London “to get the endorsement of the world’s oldest democracy” for what he believes are “very hopeful prospects” for Macedonia. He also stated that Macedonia would be “safer” in the European Union, seeing it as a “club of countries” which rely on rule of law, free media, and functional checks and balances, in a world that is becoming more uncertain.


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