Joint Macedonian, Serbian, U.S. Investigation Leads to Largest Illegal Drug Bust Yet in Balkans

Source: META

Macedonian Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski announced today that six individuals have been arrested as the result of a joint investigation carried out by the Macedonian Ministry of Interior, the Serbian Ministry of Interior and the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The investigation has apparently revealed the largest laboratory known to date for the illegal production of synthetic drugs in the Balkans, according to the Minister’s statement.

The individuals now in police custody are nationals of Macedonia and Serbia, while the final destination of the illegal drugs was Turkey.

The police has carried out searches in at least two locations in Tetovo and five in Skopje, where massive quantities of synthetic drugs, valued at some of 2.5 million euro, were confiscated.

Spasovski explained that this international police collaboration has ed to what might be one of the largest discoveries of illegal narcotics in Europe, saying “What was discovered were the largest quantities of synthetic drugs in the Balkans. If the first evaluation is correct, it will likely be one of the biggest confiscations of synthetic drugs internationally. The laboratory was discovered in a house in Tetovo and, according to initial information, more than 125 kg synthetic drugs were discovered or minimum of 500.000 pills, the value of which is estimated to be over 2.5 million euros.”

Macedonia’s Minister of Interior added that he expects these numbers to be even higher as the investigation unfolds, as police activities regarding the case are still ongoing.


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