Former Macedonian Minister Formally Charged with Corruption

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Macedonian authorities have brought criminal charges against former Macedonian Minister of Transportation and Communication Mile Janakieski for allowing two individuals to purchase state-owned real estate in Prilep at preferential prices, as reported by Macedonian news agency and others.

Janakieski served as Minister in the cabinet of former PM Nikola Gruevski and has had an affair-ridden political career. The former Minister has been suspected of everything from misuse of position and government resources to involvement in electoral fraud.

Janakieski offered his resignation twice during his term as Minister, the first of which Gruevski refused to accept. The second came in the wake of of the 2015 united opposition protests [en] in Macedonia and Janakieski finally stepped down in May 2015, citing the country’s political crisis as the reason behind his resignation.

According to the Macedonian Ministry of Interior, Janakieski allegedly made deals for the sale of real estate intended for pensioners in Prilep, in terms contrary to the country’s Law on the sale of social housing, between 2007 and 2010.

The current charges claim that Janakieski may have damaged the state for some €42,000. The former state ombudsman (public advocate), the current state ombudsman and a public notary from Prilep were also charged with the same crimes along with Janakieski. The Public Prosecutor for Organized Crime and Corruption will be conducting a full investigation.

Feature image source credit: Government of the Republic of Macedonia, 2014 

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