Bulgarian State Prosecutor Orders Seizure of Over 6,000 Personal Firearms

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Bulgaria’s Deputy Chief Prosecutor Asya Petrova announced that the prosecutor’s office has ordered the Interior Ministry to seize more than 6,000 personal firearms from individual holders, due to the expiration of permits.

According to one of Bulgaria’s leading news sites, Dnevnik.bg, Bulgarian authorities have issued over 340,000 weapons permits and some 124,000 are held by individuals for purposes of self-defense. These do not include any hunting rifles.

Petrova added today that possession of a self-defense weapon is a last resort and clarified that a real danger to life and well-being must be demonstrated for a permit to be issued for this purpose. The issuing authority for permits in Bulgaria is the Ministry of Interior.

Approximately one tenth of Bulgarian households own one or more firearms, while some have claimed that the number of hand guns owned by Bulgaria’s citizens is larger than that owned by its military.

In the past decade, the total number of deaths in Bulgaria resulting from guns has been between some 100 and 120 per year, with a visible drop since the previous decade, when these deaths averaged at about 150 per year.

Feature image source credit: Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria


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