British Actor-Director Ralph Fiennes Gets Serbian Citizenship

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On Sptember 7, BAFTA Award-winning British actor and director Ralph Fiennes was granted Serbian citizenship in Belgrade, according to Serbian daily Politika and other local media.

The actor has been present on business in Serbia since filming his directorial debut, the 2010 adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’, in the country.

Fiennes is now back in Serbia directing his third feature film, ‘The White Crow’, based on the life story of Soviet-born ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, which began filming on location in Belgrade in late August. The director will also be playing the role of Nureyev’s teacher and mentor in the film.

The Hollywood A-lister’s citizenship was granted by Prime Minster Ana Brnabić herself, who signed the formal decision. Fiennes was also in attendance at the inauguration of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić earlier this year.

Feature image source credit: Siebbi [CC BY 3.0], Ralph Fiennes at the press conference for his film Coriolanus at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival


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