Expats from Bosnia and Serbia Create Social App that Alerts of Local Terrorist Attacks and Natural Disasters

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A Bosnian expat couple living in Zurich planned a quick getaway to Paris a couple of years ago. On arrival, they experienced the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015.

The couple, Dra­žen i Iva­na Ži­gić, originally from Banja Luka, also both happen to hold engineering degrees and the frightening experience got them wondering why online tools weren’t being used more to warn travelers and locals about potential threats and hazards in every region of the world. After several months and with the help of a Serbian expat living in Zurich, they created Ping [en], a free GPS safety and emergency alert app.

The free app, available for iOS and Android, claims to make everyday life and travel safer. One if it’s main features is also in allowing users to find and keep in touch with friends and family, while the more interesting feature lies in notifying users of any emergencies or hazards nearby. The app also provides available local assistance for emergencies in the vicinity and gives users time to remove themselves from dangerous areas or potentially harmful events taking place.

The concept of the app is pretty simple. Ping uses data from our already connected world and various social alerts, combining them all into one user-friendly app on our phones. Aside from being a nifty way of staying informed and safe when traveling – or for those living in more volatile areas – the app also alerts us when our friends might be in dangerous areas and when they have been marked safe in those situations. The app is bound to make parents of young world travelers sleep just a little better at night.

Ivana Žigić told Serbian business news site eKapija recently that the plan is to develop the application to work offline, when data and wifi connections aren’t as readily available in crisis situations, as well as to collaborate with authorities worldwide to provide better emergency response in dangerous events.

Feature image source credit: Screenshot of Ping app


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