Saudi Arabian Conglomerate Launching Low-Cost Airline Based in Sarajevo

Public records with the local Business Registry show that Sulaiman Abdullaha Al-Shiddi of Al–Shiddi Group, a prominent Saudi Arabian conglomerate, has partnered with local Al-Shiddi Group executive and businesswoman Nudžejma Skenderović to establish a low-cost airline company in Sarajevo.

According to regional CNN affiliate N1, the company FlyBosnia was registered recently with the Business Registry of the Sarajevo Canton and is now advertising open positions for cabin crew.

Al-Shiddi Group is the largest Middle Eastern investor in Bosnia and Herzegovina and, among its many assets throughout the country, owns the Sarajevo City Center, a local Novotel hotel, and is currently building a luxury residential development in Sarajevo, Poljine Hills.

Feature image source credit: Christian Bickel [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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