Croatia to Invest Another $13 Million in Electric Vehicle Subsidies

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Since 2014, Croatia has invested over $12 million in sustainable energy transportation in the country, through subsidies for hybrid and electric vehicles and additional infrastructure for those vehicles.

Director of Croatian Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Ljubomir Majdandžić recently announced that the government would be launching a new round of subsidies for the purchase of electric cars in 2018, estimated at some $13 million, as well as continued investments in related infrastructure.

The relatively small country, with a total population of of just over 4 million, now has 1843 registered hybrid cars and 224 electric cars, as well as 445 electric mopeds and bicycles.

While interest in purchasing electric vehicles is fairly high in Croatia, Croatian business news site reports that one of the key issues on the market are the current available resources and infrastructure. While most Croatian cities now have charging stations, and the number of those is increasing, stations are virutally non-existent on highways throughout the country. Out of a planned 345 charging stations, over 200 have been built, but experts have warned of the unsustainability of the current free charging station network. Eventually, these stations will have to be commercialized, in one way or another.

Croatia is also home to Croatian high-performance electric car manufacturer Rimac Automobili, headquartered near Zagreb.

Feature image source credit: Mariordo [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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