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Year: 2019

Five Serbian universities publicly express support for anti-government protests

According to non-governmental organization Pescanik and other online outlets, professors and associates of five universities in Serbia have signed and published a statement supporting the on-going anti-government protests in Serbia. In the statement, faculty members and signatories of the University of Belgrade, University of the Arts in Belgrade, University of Novi Sad, University of Nis, […]

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Ninth weekly anti-government protests kick off in Belgrade

The ninth weekly anti-government protests in Serbia’s capital of Belgrade kicked off around 6 p.m. CET on January 26. As mainstream media in the country have largely been ignoring the protests and the 30 opposition parties that have banded together to partially lead the on-going protests claim the Vucic administration has “control of the media,” […]

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The 2018/2019 Serbian protests mapped

Twitter user @milos_agathon has been collecting and mapping the locations, frequency, and size of the anti-government protest in Serbia. 

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Visualization shows distribution of anti-government and pro-government Twitter users in Serbia

An interactive visualization shows the distribution and relationships of Twitter users tweeting anti-government and pro-government messages on the social media platform.

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About the Protests

How the protests began The current demonstrations in Serbia, with protest marches being held every Saturday in the capital of Belgrade and several other cities and towns in Serbia, were triggered by a physical attack on opposition politician and founder of political party Levica Srbije (Serbian Left) Borko Stefanovic by unidentified individuals at a party […]

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